Let Your Soul & Hair Grow!

By: Erma W., Owner of the Pomade Shop

Spring seems to get everyone in the mood of radiance. Our skin starts glowing, our clothing is more brightly-colored, and our smiles grow wider and brighter. Our hair starts looking better too, a la the shine effect. If you want some tips on how to make your tresses shine this spring, definitely read on:

 Argan Rose Oil, www.obianaturals.com

Argan Rose Oil, www.obianaturals.com

1.  Hot oil treatments:  Hot oil treatments have stood the test of time in regards to their nourishing and conditioning benefits on the hair.  They help to increase the strength and pliability of strands, and they add mega shine to the hair. Grab some avocado, hemp seed or sunflower oils(my faves), and get your shine on!

2.  Dry oils:  I love dry oils because they love my fine hair. They add a nice shine without weighing my hair down. Dry oils contain cyclomethicone, a clear and odorless silicone that provide loads of slip to the hair. Cyclomethicone may be an issue if you are intent on remaining cone-free in your regimen. However, silicones provide a protective barrier against heat, so your hair will be well-guarded in the sun. Some great dry oils to explore are Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil and Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist.

3.  Honey Hair Treatment:  There's so much to love about honey. It smells good, it tastes great (especially on some buttermilk biscuits), and it makes the skin glow when used as a facial mask. Plus, it makes the hair shine (yes, it really does!). Put some honey in a bowl, warm it slightly, apply it to wet hair after conditioning, and just watch how glossy your hair becomes. Grab some raw honey and get to glowing--today!

May your hair (and world) be filled with glowful-cheer this spring!

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