Hair Love: Valentine's Day Rendition!

Chocolate goodies, freshly-cut roses, and sparkling trinkets are among the top Valentine's Day gifts, but they also help to beautify the hair.  Incorporate these tips into your upcoming hair session to make your February 14 beautifully-sexy:


1.  Keep it chocolate:  Chocolate treats are good for more than satisfying your taste buds. Dark chocolate in particular is rich in antioxidants, which makes it a perfect choice for use in fortifying the hair. Cocoa in its pure form adds shine and conditions the hair, so melt some chocolate and lavish your strands in it.

2.  Adorn it with roses:  There is no bigger marker of Valentine's Day than red roses. Those fragrant and vibrant florals have a way of impelling the niceties of love into hearts.  They have a special way of making the hair look romantically-polished.  Place a single red rose within your updo or attach it near the top of your braid out, twist out, or coil out to set the mood. Sensuality will be the pervasive theme of your day...and night.

3.  Make it shine:  Who doesn't love a little bling bling? Whether it's big and bright or small and shiny, sparkling trinkets usually lead to smiles. They're the perfect ornaments to give your look the right balance of lustful brilliance and subtle sexiness. A diamond-encrusted hair clip or ruby-laden comb will surely make your Valentine's Day brighter.

Love in the air, lovin' all night, and lovely hair...there's no other way for Valentine's Day to be!

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