Music Mood: Pineapple Skies by Miguel


By: Isha Gaines , Founding Editor  | Photo Credit: AfroPunk

The musicality of this song just makes you feel good!

And then the lyrics? The lyrics of this song reminds you to look up and not to worry about things that are beneath you. There are a few songs on Miguel's new album that come across very intentional and very liberating. I'm here to tell you, it’s easy to get lost in what you could've done, instead of focusing on the positives. There's always a positive, even if you have to force it. I mean sit down and a make a list if you have to, but there's always a PLUS. I'm learning that the positives can be the ideas and transitions that will truly take us to where we need to go...

Now here’s a secret of mine -- sometimes change scares the crap of me. Like I’m the one where I have 1,000 questions when a change occurs or if it’s time to implement a new change that I didn’t have input in. It’s a terrible character flaw. Cause truth is, I can’t be in control of every aspect of my life. Some things have to just be and I have to force a positive, even when I don't like it. I’ve gotten better at hiding my poor attitude towards change cause it’s kinda contradictory against many of the things I stand for -- but I also believe in being HUMAN. Learning to deal with change gets to be one of the things I’m constantly learning and growing through and it’s not that I fail every time, its just some of my reactions are poor-er than others.

The lyrics of Pineapple Skies resonates with me so much because it’s a reminder that sometimes -- even when you're HIGH, at your best, at the top of your game and living your best life -- you can always go higher.  You can always be better at something. For me, it's learning to deal and transition through change better. It's me, learning to PAUSE and find a POSITIVE within a change I may not not like.


Are the trees high enough, baby?

Lead us so high your feet we won't touch the ground

Would you look up, baby?

It's pineapple purple skies

Promise everything gon' be alright

Ooh ooh, I promise everything gon' be alright

What's wrong, everything gon' be alright


If you don’t have a significant other, team or support system -- we will be your person, telling you that everything will be alright. We’re telling you  that you’ve got this. You can change and change well. You can see the good and focus on flying high.

It’s pineapple purple skies honey,

We promise everything gon' be alright


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