Renaissance Hairstyles

By Erma W.

One of my favorite eras in history is the Harlem Renaissance. It was a time of artistic vibrancy and renewal. Black artists captured the spirit and desires of African Americans through their literary works. Those works also mirrored the physical looks of the time. Slick fingerwaves, sleek buns, loose curls, and bold hair accessories defined the styles of the day. If you've been channeling a renaissance of sorts (as I have), consider these flashback favorites:

1.  Fancy fingerwaves:  I've always been drawn to fingerwaves because of their jazzy feel. They were the premiere style in nightclubs during the Harlem Renaissance. Fingerwaves aren't as popular nowadays, but they still make appearances at proms and galas. Embrace your inner Harlem Renaissance with some fingerwaves and a sparkling headband for extra pop.

2.  Bountifully-beautiful buns:  Chic always comes to mind when I think of buns. In some written works from the Harlem Renaissance, the demure women are described as wearing polished sleek buns. Leaving a few strands out will add some subtle sexiness. Go for it!

3.  Lush curls and waves:  There's no occasion that or for which curls and waves don't fit.  Whether it's a birthday party, wedding, casual evening at the movies, or a quick errand run, curls and waves are always the right choice. Keep 'em tight for your formal events, and let them all hang loose when it's time to enter chill mode.  Either way, you'll be fly and renaissance-ready.

Embrace your rebirth--Harlem Renaissance style!

I'sha GainesComment