The 'I Don't Know' Hair Blues

By Erma W.

As much as we wish that hair annoyances were non-existent, they do exist. We're aware of the typical dryness, moisture, and retention issues, but what about when you don't know what you want to do with your hair? That struggle is real too.  Here are some quick tips to turn that "I don't know" cloudiness into clarity:

1.  Get a bold cut:  Long hair is coveted, but it's also super-predictable. Being predictable or predictability is one of the fastest ways to end up in the "blah" or bored zone. Say goodbye to blah with a bold cut. Go super-short or get some layers cut into your hair. Either way, show your hair some shear love.

2. Get a bold color:  Turn those blues into "boom"  with a sharp new hair color.  Speaking of  blues, why not color your hair blue? It's a dynamic color that plays well at both ends of the emotional spectrum. You can go bright and bold for a sharp upturn, or you can rock a neutral color for a hint of understated elegance. Either way, you can color your way past "I-don"t-know" hair blahness.

3.  Get a wig. Sometimes, we want a change without the official commitment. If that sounds like you, get a wig so that you can have the best of every world. Cut it, color it, add streaks, whatever...just have some wiggy fun.

4. Do it all. Step all the way out of the box and do it all.  Dye the wig, blast some color into those strands, and have some cutting fun! Just go! Don't trap yourself in the land of hair snooze.!

Here's to rocking out boldly! 

I'sha GainesComment