(Eat For Your Hair) - Nuts for Healthy Hair

By Erma W.

Ah, the new year! It's the time of sparkles, bells and new commitments! Spending time with family and friends, and lots of good eating. I love snacking, especially on nuts.  I like that I can satisfy both my taste buds and tresses by eating nuts. Here are some of my faves and their nutritional benefits:

Photo: I'sha Gaines, www.ishagaines.com | @ishagainesphoto

Photo: I'sha Gaines, www.ishagaines.com | @ishagainesphoto

1.  Cashews:  I have always been drawn to cashews. I can't get enough of that crescent shape, smooth backing, and low-sodium content. In addition to being heart-healthy, cashews contain loads of copper, which help to regulate iron levels and consequently reduce the presence of brittle hair.

2.  Almonds:  Almonds make me think of rain in a good way.  The shape of those nutty goodies look like raindrops.  Almonds also provide some of the same benefits as water, namely through the antioxidants that it contains.  Antioxidants prohibit the spread of free radicals in the body, thereby creating an environment for strong and healthy hair growth and retention.

3.   Walnuts: Walnuts are the powerhouses of nuts.  They contain more than 100% of the daily recommended value of omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, copper and manganese.  All of those ingredients are a hair feast to either boost already healthy strands or to help damaged strands become sturdier. Snack up!

4.  Pecans:  If you need a jolt to make it through all of your holiday activities, pick up some pecans.  They are rich in niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid , lutein, beta carotene,  and oleic acid.  Talk about energy!  Pecans also contain vitamin E , which helps to maintain the integrity of skin cells. Vitamin E provides a platform for healthy scalps, which are the roots of strong hair.

Go "nuts" and snack your way to healthy hair for the new year! 

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