Weave Hair: The Good and the "Ugh"

By Erma W.

We've all seen the "ugh." What, do you ask, is the "ugh"? You know what it is. It's that shudder-filled disappointment mixed with a level 10 perplexity as to why that hair is even allowed to see daylight, let alone sit on someone's head. It's far past time to rebuke the "ugh." Here are some eye-sharpening ways to distinguish between the good weave hair and...that other stuff:

1.  Weft construction:  A bold sign of "ugh" (bad weave) is a poorly-constructed weft. If the weft feels flimsy and/or has thread hanging from it, that's an indication of a low-quality unit. Run away from wefts that aren't sturdy so that you won't have to later run to a brand new weave.

2.  Excessive tangling and shedding:  Weaves that decorate the floor more than they stay on your head definitely fit into the "ugh" category. Not only does tangled hair make a weave look bad, it also indicates that the quality of hair is subpar. If you purchase the hair in-store, caress it and see what happens. Walk away if more hair ends up on your hand than on the unit.

3.  The weave hair doesn't blend with your real hair:  A great install is one that looks as if it grew from your scalp. It's one that looks so good that even the most trained eye may struggle to verify its authenticity. Weave hair that glaringly varies from your real hair is not a good look. Don't commit this crime.

4.  The tracks are showing:  I've seen this offense far too many times:  tracks hanging from scalps as if they're ready to embark on a skydiving expedition. Tracks are supposed to lie, not fly. Blend, blend, blend, and get your weave life in order.

5.  The weave doesn't match with your natural hairline:  Have you ever been distracted by the too-perfect hairline? How about the hairs around the edges of the weave that have an alternate color and texture? This is the eyesore that is the result of the "ugh." Don't let this be your fate.

Bonus:  Help your weave look its best by making sure that your hair underneath is braided in a beehive pattern and not horizontally. The beehive pattern ensures that the weave will lie flat.

Be weavealiciously-fly and rebuke the "ugh" at all costs. From this day forward, the "ugh" is not an option. 

I'sha GainesComment