Speak Life--The Hair Edition

By Erma W.

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Gravity-defying. These are some of the words we use to speak life into our natural hair. There was a time when spoken words were all we had to affirm our hair's strength and beauty. Now, thanks to the plethora of hair shirts and accessories with positive sayings, we have many options for praising our hair.

1.  Good Hair Love (www.goodhairlove.com):  Created by natural hair, style and mommy blogger Toia B. of ToBNatural, Good Hair Love is a vehicle that celebrates naturally-textured hair. The site features super cute tanks and tees with sayings like "I didn't choose the bun life, the #bunlife chose me" and "May your curls pop and your edges be laid." There are also "Simply Natural" mugs in orange and teal. Treat yourself to some "good hair love."

2. LovingMeBoutique:  This Toronto, Canada-based Etsy store offers several ways to speak life into your hair and yourself. From "Thank God It's Fro'day", "I'm cute stuff with my afro puffs", and "My Hair Rocks" tees to the award-winning children's book "Boy, I Am Loving Me" by Angelot Ndongmo, the burning question will be "what should I choose?"...again and again and again.

3.  NaturallyFabDivas ( www.naturallyfabdivas.com):  Get your grown-woman natural on with these "naturally fab" tees.  Flaunt a shirt that says "Girls with Kinks get all the Winks" and "Being Natural is Sexy" while rocking some wooden natural earrings. Let NaturallyFabDivas help you to embrace your sexy and your natural at the same time.

4.  SoulArt9:  If you're a natural-haired,  earring-loving diva (like me!), definitely check out SoulArt9 on Etsy. Their earrings are the perfect mix of fashionable vibrancy. You can take the soul-stirring approach with some Angela Davis earrings, go the sweet and sexy route with the "Natural Beauty" earrings, or tap into your soul with earrings like "Know Thyself", "Phenomenal Woman", and "Conscious Sista." Find and flaunt your level of fly fiercely.

No matter what suits your fancy, never stop speaking life into your hair...and YOU!

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