Healthy and Haute Hair--The Locker Edition

By Erma W.

School's back in session, which means that books are being opened and read, and beauty is being maintained and enhanced. Brains and beauty are in every lesson plan this school year. To keep your hair on par with those booming brain cells, follow these locker edition hair tips:

1.  Mini comb and brush to the rescue:  Those late-night study sessions and after-hours chats with your friends and beau have finally taken their toll. You're nodding in class. You can barely keep your eyes open. Your hair hasn't escaped or hasn't been absolved from the throes of your sleepiness. All of that lying on desks and classroom walls have taken their toll on your tresses. Fix the flyaways with a mini comb or brush. A quick run to your locker (after class, of course) will have your hair looking as sharp as it did when you entered the school doors.

2. The bands and the buns:  It's gym time! Lots of sweating and running, endurance and exercising.  It's great for the body (and hair), but it can make the hair flop as well. Keep the floppage at bay with a headband and a bun. You'll look cute and your hair will be protected--major score!

3. Afterschool cute:  School is over, but being fly is always in session. Keep it cute with a dab of product (pomade, gel, hair milk or butter, etc.) before you dash through the door. In the time that you usually spend gathering your books and talking with your friends by the locker, it won't be a hold-up for you to refresh your hair anyway. Once your product has been applied, you will officially be ready to exit in style.

With your head up and hair tight, you are now ready to rock! 

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