Keep It Clean!

By Erma W.

 Photo by Lydia Reddic

Photo by Lydia Reddic

We know how to keep our hair clean in the traditional sense, but there are some things we overlook that may be keeping us from having our best hair.  In addition to all that other glamorous stuff we do, enact these reminders for optimal hair conditions (and just fabulous hair):

1.  Wash off excess product from scalp.  I love to put conditioner at my roots to make sure that all of my hair is moisturized.  I'm also super-diligent at rinsing the conditioner from my scalp to keep it free of build-up (and the itchies!).

2.  Keep your headwear clean.  Those scarves, bonnets, and pillowcases get dirty after a while.  Wash them regularly to remove excess oils and stains.  Clean headwear may also be your solution to clear skin.  The secret to removing that pesky facial rash may be on the other side of cleanliness.

3.  Keep your tools clean.  After we're done with our combs and brushes, we often lie them in their usual resting places--unwashed, for days and days.  We repeatedly use those same unwashed tools in our hair day after day.  Mull over that scenario.  Of course we have hair issues! Wave goodbye to those issues by consistently keeping your hair helpers clean.

4.  Keep your hands clean.  A study done at the University of Colorado reports that there are nearly 332,000 genetically distinct bacteria on the human hand.  Just think about how many of those germs are being transferred to your head, and even more germs are spread if there is dirt under your fingernails.  Keep your hands clean so that your scalp (and ultimately your hair) will thrive.

Here's to keeping it clean!

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