Summer Hat Hair Swag

By Erma W.

We typically grab hats for their protective features.  We use them to shield our hair from brutally-cold temperatures in the winter and harsh heat in the summer.  Aside from covering our hair, hats are excellent style accents.  Here are some ways you can flex your summer hat hair swag: 

If you're rocking a puff or bun but aren't fond of the look (namely the flat part; I've been there), don a hat that covers every part except the puff or bun.  You'll turn your look from "oh, no" to  "let's go."

The classic wide brim is always a great choice for naturalistas who want to frame their curls and coils.  It offers the perfect balance of hat and hair stylishness.

I love this look for rainy days when your hair looks good, and you don't want to cover it because of the weather.  A slightly-upturned net hat (especially a brightly-colored one) is the ultimate solution for staying fly when it's wet.

I'sha GainesComment