Loc Extensions

By Erma W.

Extensions are so popular because they give us an opportunity to be glam while giving our real hair a break.  However, they, like our real hair, must be cared for to maintain its luster.  Check out these tips to keep your loc extensions looking sharp:

Paulette Germany, Owner of LocStarSalon in Arlington, TX. | @LocStarDFW

Paulette Germany, Owner of LocStarSalon in Arlington, TX. | @LocStarDFW

1.  Keep your loc extensions clean:  Clean hair is essential for fly tresses--even extensions. Keep your locs clean with simple herbal shampoos and cleansing conditioners.  You may also use castile soap.  Be sure to wait four to six weeks before immersing your extensions in water, though.  Gently rub your scalp with witch hazel between washings.

2.  Keep your loc extensions (and scalp) nourished with oils:  Hair that has a sheen just looks better.  Light oils like coconut and jojoba give the hair a refreshed look without weighing it down.  Apply some to your scalp as well to keep it supple and healthy.

3.  Keep your loc extensions tightened:  Locs that are too loose look underwhelming.  Make yours look great with regular tightenings by a loctitian.  You can also palm roll, braid or curl them for a finished look. 

Now go on and loc it up in style!

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