Hair's to Keeping it Cool

By Erma W.

It's lovely to show love to our hair, but summer's torrid temperatures can sometimes make hair-tending an exhausting task. Here are some ways to stay cool on the hair tip while keeping it healthy and fly:

1.  Do a cold-water rinse: Nothing feels better to me on a steamy day than a stream of cold water upon my scalp. It instantly cools my body and flattens the cuticles of my high-porosity hair. If you want a quick dash of coolness and laid cuticles, give cold-water rinsing a try.

2.  Blow-dry on cool:  Reduce the heat (to your hair and body) by putting your blow dryer's cool setting to work. This is a great approach if you want to lightly blow out your hair. Sometimes I do it before flat-twisting my hair. It'll help to keep those cuticles flat and that hair moist. Try it and see!

3.  Drink water:  Drinking water helps the skin to regulate the body's temperature. Plus, water nourishes the scalp, thus creating an optimal environment for health and hair growth. Bonus:  it'll increase your glow factor--and who doesn't want to glow in the summer?

Now go and cool it!

I'sha GainesComment