Cover-Ups: The Hair Edition

By Erma W.

As hairnistas, we love making our hair look its best. That's why bald spots and thin hair can be highly irksome.  They don't have to be the demise of haute hair, though.  We've got some awesome cover-up looks and tips to keep you ultra-fly.

Thin or non-voluminous hair:  Full hair is so alluring because of its personality.  It’s big, it’s bold, it’s…everything but basic.  Contrarily, non-voluminous hair can be painfully underwhelming.  There’s a way to fake the fluff, though.  Rock a twist out or braid out and pick it out at the roots.  You can also wear styles that highlight the fuller parts of your hair.  For example, if your hair is fuller in the back, gather your hair toward that area, and vice versa.  Extensions are an option as well.  Additionally, if you’re pulling your hair toward the front for an updo, get a mesh headband or scrunchie and wrap it within your hair (make sure that your hair covers it) for extra volume.

Bald spots:  Well, bald spots are bald spots.  There’s nothing nice to say about them.  However, covering them can be great fun.  If your bald spot sits on your edges, you can cover them with the always quick-and-convenient bang. Bald spots that rest in the crown can be hidden with a puff.  For hair that is missing around the hairline, throw on your baddest headband and just flex!

Above all else, the name of the game is confidence.  Wear your cover-up with pride, and you’ll be just fine.

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