The W's of Hairstyling

By Erma W.

Sometimes, words and letters just pop into my head. This past week, the letter "W" began swirling around my mind. I specifically remember wanting a glass of water but not feeling like getting up to pour it. Then I realized that there are some "W" words related to hairstyling, hence the title of this blog post. Here we go:

1. Water:  Ah, yes, water--the indirect inspiration for this post. Water is so vital to our existence. We are composed of approximately 60 % of it, and it helps our bodily organs to function properly. Wonderfully wet water also shapes many elements of our haircare routines.  Moisture, clean hair, and more definition for our "out" styles (when the hair is initially wet and then allowed to dry) are just some of the purposes that water serve for our hair.

2.  Washing:  Washing is the foundation for clean and healthy scalps and hair. When the hair is clean, it just cooperates more. The blowouts are fiercer, the flat iron jobs are smoother, and the hair has more movability.  Plus, washing is my favorite part of the haircare process. Nothing feels better than a clean scalp.

3. Wigs and weaves:  Wigs and weaves are the perfect options to do all the things you are hesitant to try with your real hair. Get multiple colors. Use a flat iron and a curling iron to style. Re-style it several times a week or even every day, if you like. Have fun, glam girl!

Wig it up, weave it up, wash it, and wet it some more! Get down with the W's of hairstyling! 

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