The Extension Choice: Human vs. Synthetic Hair

By Erma W.

A woman stands in a boutique, perusing rows of hair. She is torn about which style to choose but finally settles on wild and wavy. Great! She thinks all of her decisions are made until she realizes there is one more choice to make:  human or synthetic hair? Sound familiar?  If this scenario calls to mind a similar memory or resembles a current query, read on for some human and synthetic hair factors that will help to make your decision easier.

 Photo: @KinkyCurlyYaki  

Photo: @KinkyCurlyYaki  

Human hair:  Human hair is the preferred choice of many stylistas because it can be treated just like the hair on your head. You can wet it, wash it, color it, use hot tools on it...just have fun! However, keep in mind that human hair reacts to environmental changes just like your real hair. That means a straight and sleek day can become a period of sporting cloud-sized hair by default. Also, the costs of human hair are significantly more than those of synthetic hair. Don't let those factors discourage you, though. There are a variety of texture, style, color, and length options, so explore with a smile.

Synthetic hair:  Synthetic hair has always been my top extension pick for a number of reasons. Firstly, I loved the way my hair would look when I got braids with synthetic hair. Plus, the style would stay neat throughout multiple hair cleansings.  Secondly, it's easier to mimic fullness with synthetic hair. The bulk of synthetic hair makes it possible to create the coveted big hair with fewer bundles than human hair. Also, synthetic hair is less costly than human hair, so there are more opportunities for you to switch styles more frequently. Unfortunately, you cannot apply heat to synthetic hair, but the beauty is that you'll be too busy being fly for that to be a concern.

Human or synthetic, 
Whichever you choose
Rock that hair proudly, 
You have nothing to lose! 

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