Hair Helpers (The Beginner's Edition)

By Erma W.

The plethora of products and practices for haircare can be overwhelming. Oil rinse. Clarify. Deep condition. Protect those ends. Detangle. Cleanse your scalp and hair. Not too much heat. No, on second thought, use some heat. Protective style. Don't put too much tension on your edges. Maintain a protein-moisture balance. Tie your hair up at night. Don't towel-dry your hair because the cloth's fibers are too rough on the strands. Not too much manipulation...and that's just for starters. I got exhausted just writing that.

You don't need one million and one steps to care for your hair. The most important aspect is consistency. If you are consistent, your hair will definitely reap the benefits. Sometimes, the hardest part is starting. How do you begin? Where do you begin? You've come to the right blog. I've got some easy-to-follow beginner tips for you:

1. Cleansers:  Healthy hair begins with a clean scalp. There are a multitude of cleansers to suit your hair's needs:  moisturizing, clarifying, volumizing, etc. You can even get a cleansing conditioner if your hair is super-dry. Cleansers last for quite a while, so you'll be good to go with a standard-size bottle.

2.  Conditioners:  All hair needs moisture, and it also needs protein. You can address both needs with conditioners. Be sure to read those ingredients well to see how strong of a moisturizing or protein conditioner it is (ingredients are listed from greatest to least quantity on labels). Also, pay attention to the directions to achieve the highest level of effectiveness (conditioner instructions that state to let the product sit for 15 minutes or more can be used for deep conditioning). You may also use a rinse-out conditioner, plus water and oils, as a leave-in conditioner after the initial cleansing and conditioning process. Leave-in conditioners provide additional moisture and/or strength before styling. 

3.  Tools:  Your tools may be more or less inclusive depending on what style you want to achieve. Generally, a seamless comb (yes, it should be seamless to avoid incurring split ends), a blow dryer, a flat iron, sharp shears (to remove single-strand knots) and a conditioning cap is fine for starters.

4.  Accessories:  I love accessories. They truly make a way for hairstyles to pop. Grab some clips, throw in a few headbands, and load up on bobby pins for some hot hair-tucking action.

Now, begin, blossom, and bloom in your journey. 

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