PURE by Made Beautiful

The latest collection PURE by Made Beautiful is like a perfect spa day for your hair! Each product tells you the next step you should take in your regimen which takes out all the guess work. The combination of products leaves hair softer and more moisturized with each step. Here are my favorite things that I absolutely loved about each product:

 Content Editor, Camille Stampp-Kittredge  

Content Editor, Camille Stampp-Kittredge  

PUREifying Cleanser: Great as a clarifying shampoo. for my 4b/4c hair. It removed a lot of build up without having to do multiple shampoos which can dry out the hair. Also, a little goes a long way this product definitely lasts!

PUREifying Rinse: Instantaneously added moisture to my hair after shampooing. I applied to my roots and found that my detangling process was smoother and my hair had crazy shine! My favorite ingredient is apple coder vingegar who helps to balance the hair's PH level, leaving it soft and full of natural shine.

Replenshing Styling Cream:I used this on a twists outs and even just as added moisture updos. I could use this every day without it weighing my hair down. There's no white residue when the product dries and my hair and I found that it gives great moisture and shine when I applied it to my scalp as well.

Detox Masque: Super light in texture but goes hard! My hair felt like butter and this masque calmed my strands after the stresses from frequent manipulation. My strands of my hair felt stronger and super moisturized.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fresh and clean scent- perfect for those Curly Girls who aren't a fan of overly perfumed products. The PURE collection is truly beneficial for a wide range of hair types and there's no need to worry about harmful ingredients. The step by step instructions are perfect for those who are trying to get on a hair regimen. The mixture of goodies like sea kelp, shea butter, eucalyptus oil and aloe gives exactly what natural hair craves. Everything about each product in the collection embodies its name- PURE. I definitely recommend trying them out!

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