Graduation Glam Looks

Proms & Graduations have always been a major to-do, but in recent years, the costs have definitely grown.  The price tags of some dresses are nearly $1,000, add a few hundreds for the limo plus some more major bucks for shoes, accessories, and makeup; and you might have to consider a mini loan for that big night in every high-schooler's life.  Don't forget that you haven't even factored in the hair yet.  We've got you covered here.  You can create your own fabulous 'do and still have some coins left in your clutch.  Try out these looks:

1. Twist-out updo:  I purposely started with this look because it's exactly what I'd do for a DIY prom style.  Twist outs look better as they age, and the updo options are vast.  Explore and have fun!

2.  Top bun:  It's official:  a bun can do no wrong.  Let the bun take center stage on your head by pushing it forward.  If you're doing a bun on curly hair, let a few strands of hair fall as an additional accent.

3.  Bun updo:  If you've straightened your hair, you can add a bun to your hair too. Ditch the urge to go basic, though.  Add a twist to your bun, and/or make your bun connect to your bang.  Swoop it up, and have fun with it.

4.  Cornrows with tuck and roll:  Flex your cornrow muscle with some braids on the side to beautifully complement your tuck and roll.  The great thing about this hairstyle is that it's easy to keep up, so you can party hard with no worries.

5.  Locs:  Loc'd ladies, I haven't forgotten about you.  Your hairstyling options are wide-reaching, but a pinned-up look is best to keep your hair tucked away.  You can even wear a tiara for some major hair bling.

6.  Straight and sassy:  I couldn't do a post about prom looks and not include a flowy, straight style.  If you want cascading hair, go straight.  Toss it, shake it, and twirl it endlessly (or let it sit silently).  It's your night--let your hair do whatever!

7.  Short and sweet:  If you've got short hair, emphasize its flair with some twists, an "out" style, or a mini fro.  Add some hair pudding for extra hold and definition, and you're good to go!

Now that you've gotten your get-and-stay-fly hair tips, turn up stylishly!

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