The ABC's of Hair Love

Kerry Washington | Internet Image  

Kerry Washington | Internet Image  

By Erma W.

A - Attention
Give your hair lots of attention (via cleansing, conditioning, and protecting it) so that it can flourish.

B- Beautify
Beautify your tresses with hair-friendly accessories to showcase its loveliness.

C - Cleansing
Cleanse your hair and scalp regularly to help your hair reach its full potential. Remember, cleansing is just as important as conditioning.

D - Discuss
Discuss your hair issues with a licensed hair professional or a knowledgeable hair friend.   Sometimes, an alternate perspective is all you need to propel your hair to greatness.

E-  Exercise
Exercise is just as important to your hair as it is to the rest of your body. A thorough workout stimulates the scalp, which is your hair's foundation for growth.

F - Fingers
Show your hair love with your fingers. Use them to finger-comb, finger-detangle, or just feel how awesome your hair is. (Be sure not to have too much fun feeling out the awesomeness, though. Hand-in-hair disease is real.)

G-Green vegetables
Grab those green vegetables to keep your hair shiny and strong. Kale and collards are some of my favorites.

H - Happiness
Your happiness is a major contributor to your hair's health. Keep yourself stress-free by getting plenty of rest and cleansing your spirit.

I- Iron
Iron keeps brittle strands at bay. Make iron at regular part of your diet (green vegetables are very iron-rich) to keep your hair lush.

J - Juicing
If you have a hard time eating your fruits and vegetables, drink 'em.  Juicing provides so many flavor options, and juice is great on the go.   It's also great for your hair's nourishment.

K- Kale
In some circles, kale is known as the "queen of greens" because it is rich in vitamins and iron. What does this mean for your hair? Two words: health and strength.

L- Listen
Yes, your hair talks to you. When it retains length, it is talking to you. When it breaks, it is talking to you. When it feels soft or dry, it is talking to you. Listen to your hair so that you can have the hair you want.

M - Massage
Massage your scalp with your fingers and an essential oil (I like peppermint) to relax and create the foundation for healthy hair.

N- Nurture
Nurture your hair by supplying your body with the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy. Have a green smoothie for breakfast, munch on an apple during snack time, and have a fruit salad for dessert. Keep it healthy!

O- Oils
Oils lubricate strands and make them more pliable. They also offer a layer of protection during the colder months.

P- Protective Styles
Protective styles help to keep your ends strong, which means that you get to keep more of your hair on your head.

Q- Question
One of the most challenging aspects of beginning a hair journey can be a lack of knowledge. Overcome this obstacle by asking questions. Ask questions until you find the answers.

R- Research
Be resourceful and research what you don't know. Seek and you shall find.

S- Sleep
We spend so much time running around that we neglect our bodies (and ultimately our hair) in the most important way:  sleeping. Get your zzz's so that you (and your hair) can be your best.

T-  Touch
Touch your hair. Get intimate with it. Feeling (or fondling, whichever you prefer) your hair is a great way to assess its needs.

U- Understand
Understand that your hair goes through changes just like you do. Learn how to navigate those changes so that your hair can excel at every stage.

V- Visualize
Visualize what you want for your hair. How long do you want it to be? How would you like for it to be styled? Get this picture in your head so that you'll know how to proceed on your hair journey.

W- Water
Stay hydrated! Every part of you needs water.

X- Xylocarp
Xylocarp describes fruits that have hard, wooden outer layers, like coconuts. We all know about the wonderful benefits of coconuts for the hair, skin, and body. "Always" is the perfect time to indulge in the joys of this awesome xylocarp.

Y- Yield
Yield to your hair's wishes. No, you may not want to deep condition this week. No, you may not want to pin your hair up before going to bed. Do it anyway. You'll be happy that you yielded when you see the progress of your work.

Z- Zest
Have a zest for your hair. Expect it to flourish. Be passionate about your hair's progression. Your attitude is the first step to your hair's success.

Happy ABC hair love!

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