Rollers and Curls

By Erma W.

Big or small, tight or bouncy, curls are amazingly beautiful.  They can captivate you like a sunset at the break of dawn. Their splendor is made by a variety of rollers.  Let's look at some curl beauty.

1.  Straw sets:  Straws aren't just for consuming drinks; they also make great rollers.  Straws are great for creating curls that are equal parts firm definition and bold style.  Straw sets are sweet complements to both dressy and casual looks.

2.  Corkscrew curls:  The word that instantly comes to mind when I think of corkscrew curls is "bounce." Corkscrew curls are airy yet full of body. They are the go-to hairstyle for those days when you want your hair to blow in the wind.

3.  Perm rod curls:  If you like it tight, look no further than perm rod sets.  They give just the right level of firmness.  I like to curl my twists with perm rods in the summer because I still have a defined twist-out as my hair gets bigger.

4.  Flexirod sets:  Flexirods are the solution for whatever size of curls you want.  The multiple rods enable you to go big and full or small and snug.  You can even mix and match (I enjoy doing that!).

Wishing you loads of roller and curl fun!

I'sha GainesComment