Quick Fix Hair Tips

By Erma W.

We've all had those moments when our hair isout of place, and we need a quick fix (emphasis on "quick"). What can we do? Here are some quick fix tips that we can use to pull our hair together (ya know, during those bathroom breaks):

1.  Bobby pins: Bobby pins are the go-to fix for those times when your ponytail would look better as a bun. When the ponytail holder is at that point of not being elastic enough to securely hold a bun, tuck the ends of your hair under with a bobby pin...ponytail crisis averted!

2. Gel: Do those flyaways have you in a frenzy? Give 'em the boot with a few dabs of gel. If your flyaways are extremely stubborn, apply some gel and add a scarf to that section before you enter the stall. By the time you exit, your hair should be flyaway-free.

3. Bangs:  I rely on bangs for those times when something seems "off" about my look. It's a great way to instantly spruce up your style. Just pull a section of hair (or a few hairs, if you want to keep it light) to the front of your face, and, bam, you're a new you!

Now go get glam the quick way!

I'sha GainesComment