Letting Go-- The Hair Edition

By Erma W.

It's spring cleaning time, which means that we are ridding our homes and lives of things that no longer serve us:  that dress that's literally hanging on by a thread, those worn books with the yellow and ripped pages (that you weren't going to read anyway), and, yes, those hair products and practices that you've outgrown.  You may have been wrestling with the feeling of letting go, but here's when you know that you need to let go (in regards to hair):

1.  When your ends constantly look and feel bad, it's time to let go of them.  There are some issues that a deep conditioning treatment cannot fix.  Also, you cannot mend split ends.  Just say buh-bye!

2.  When products and practices no longer enhance your hair, it's time to let go of them.  You may find yourself fondly remembering when that conditioner made your hair feel like butter or baggying used to be an oasis for your parched tresses.  Those days that seem so far away are indeed long gone, based on your hair's behavior at least.  If something isn't working (or is actually making your strands worse), do your hair a favor and ditch it.  The reward will be healthy hair.  Open your arms, and embrace moisture and length retention.

3.  When you no longer want to continue with a hair product or practice, it may be time to let it go.  Okay, let me explain this one in more detail.  We all know that consistency is key when it comes to our hair's progress, so I am not suggesting that anyone start slacking with regimens.  I'm just saying that sometimes we want a change.  Sometimes certain products and practices no longer fit into our life.  They may be too time-consuming or undesired.  You should never put yourself in a box when it comes to beauty.  If you don't want it, let it go!

Here's to letting go so that you can grow!

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