So Fresh and So Clean: The Spring Beauty Edition

By Erma W.

If you dislike winter as much as I do, you are probably thrilled about the arrival of spring. Besides the weather, spring is thrilling because of the opportunity it provides to embrace vibrancy.  Read on for some ways for your hair to smile at spring:

1. Hair color: Perk up your hair with some spring colors. Throw in some red, add a dash of blue, or go full-on blonde if you're really daring. A splash of color is the perfect way to add some lift to your hair and mood.

2. Hair Accessories:  Yes, we love to admire the flowers that bloom in spring, but those florals can look just as good in hair as they do in a garden. A tulip tucked within a bun or a crown of lilies adorning your flowing locks says "Hello, spring" in a dynamic way.

3. Hair Products: Spring is all about keeping it light, which means that hair refreshers and spritzes are wonderful additions to the mid-year product arsenal. DIYers can fill a spray bottle with water, glycerin, and some carrier and essential oils (I like castor, sunflower, peppermint and rosemary oils). If you're more of the grab and go type, the Revitalizing Leave-In from the Jane Carter Solution and the Yucca and Baobab Growth Lotion from Shea Moisture are two of many great selections.

May your hair bloom blissfully throughout the spring!

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