Puff Cuff Hair Clamp

By Erma W.

It's no secret that most naturalistas love all things hair. For naturalistas, a trip to the hair boutique is equivalent to a day at amusement parks for children. Seeing the plethora of products in the store is exciting, but the thrill wanes when the offerings do not cater to your needs.
Such is the case with many mass-produced hair accessories. A lot of them are too flimsy for textured and curly hair. They either don't hold the hair tautly enough, or they snatch strands well past the point of human comfort. What's the solution? Enter the Puff Cuff Hair Clamp.

The Puff Cuff Hair Clamp is a remix of the banana clip and was specifically designed for thick, textured, and curly hair. Unlike the banana clip, the Puff Cuff Hair Clamp was made to hold the hair and not simply glide through it. 

The clamp is quite easy to use too. With one hand, gather the hair as you do when making a ponytail. Without letting go of the gathered hair, insert one arm of the clamp into the base of the hair (as close to the scalp as possible). Use your other hand to insert the opposite side of the clamp into the hair. (Remember, you are still holding the gathered hair that you grabbed in the beginning.) Next, push arms together to overlap the hooks. Then, pull the arms in opposite directions to interlock hooks and close the clamps. Now you may release the gathered hair. 
Besides its standard size, the Puff Cuff Hair Clamp is also available in junior, micro, and mini sizes. That means you can grab some for the kiddos or keep some extras on hand for the various stages of your hair journey.

Learn more about the Puff Cuff Hair Clamp at http://www.thepuffcuff.com 
In case you were wondering, yes, they ship internationally.

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