Elixers Fixers

By Erma W.

Nature provides us with remedies for health and beauty. Over the years, we've turned them into elixirs. Here are some great and easy-to-create beauty elixirs:

1. Dry scalp: Nobody wants a flaky scalp, but it does happen. Make those occurrences infrequent with an elixir of coconut, castor, and jojoba oils. The coconut oil will feed your scalp a healthy diet of omega fatty acids, the castor oil will clear up any bacterial issues, and the jojoba oil is a perfect match for the scalp's sebum. It's an all-around go!

2. Hair Growth: Growing hair is essential for most naturalistas, so why not add essential oils to the mix? An elixir of peppermint, rosemary, and Jamaican black castor oil will encourage your follicles to sprout more strands. The nutrient-rich blends of peppermint and rosemary (manganese, magnesium, folate, etc.), and the additional growth properties of Jamaican black castor oil is a winning hair-boosting combination.

3. Dry skin: Parched skin is simply not the business. Let dryness know that it is totally unwelcome with a powerful beauty elixir of sea buckthorn seed, tea tree, and camellia oils. Sea buckthorn seed oil (or the oil-less oil, as I like to call it) is wonderfully absorbent. It literally sinks into the skin and is great for eczema and psoriasis. Tea tree oil has astringent properties, which makes it an excellent toner. Camellia oil is an anti-inflammatory emollient that softens the skin. Combine these exceptional oils for the ultimate dry-skin blaster.

Of course, these are just some of the many elixir fixers. What's your favorite get-right and keep-it-tight recipe? Let us know!

I'sha GainesComment