It's A Staple

By Erma W.

It seems like the search is always on for staple products. We are always looking for THE ultimate hair products, but what exactly are the components of staples?  Typically, staples:

1. Make the hair look good.  Staples have your hair bouncing and shining. They give your hair that soft, nourished look. Staples are like the cherries on top of a multi-layered sundae drenched in chocolate sauce. They complete your look and make it officially "done."

2. Make the hair feel good. One touch to hair that's been treated by a staple feels lush and strong. No dry- or dull-looking hair, no ragged ends, no inflamed scalp, and no excessive breakage. Essentially, you have reached your hair nirvana.

3. Deliver consistently. Do your current products reside on the on-and-off rollercoaster? Those aren't staples. Staple products deliver consistently. Every time you use a staple, your hair comes out looking vibrant and feeling like feathers--every time. Not some of the time--every time.

Bonus:  The smell-good factor. A product doesn't have to smell good to be a staple, but I included smell because many hair lovers require their products to have a pleasant aroma.

Wishing you loads of staple-power magic in your search!

I'sha GainesComment