Clay Beauty

By Erma W.

It's beauty time!  Grab a bowl and spoon, and scoop out some clay.  Yep, clay.  Cleopatra used clay to beautify herself over 1800 years ago, and that tradition continues today.  Here's a glance at some clays that help us to maximize our beauty:  

1. Bentonite Clay:  Composed of aged volcanic ash, bentonite clay is greyish in color when dry and turns an olive shade once it is mixed with liquid.  It is known for its ability to remove toxins, which makes it great for problematic skin and issues such as psoriasis and eczema.  I love bentonite clay.  I use it on my skin every weekend.  After treating my face to a steam treatment, I mix bentonite clay, organic apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil.  I apply it to my face and let it sit for five to ten minutes.  It's really great stuff.

2.  Rhassoul Clay:  Also referred to as ghassoul clay, red clay, and red moroccan clay, rhassoul clay is a sandy complexion that turns lightly rose-colored when wet.  Many people use it in place of soap because of its ability to even skin tone, reduce blemishes and blackheads, and increase skin elasticity.  Tresses can also benefit from rhassoul clay via softer hair, increased volume, and reduced dandruff.  Plus, rhassoul clay looks pretty and feel silky.

3.  Kaolin Clay:  Kaolin clay is mostly found in soil that rests in hot, moist climates.  It resembles baking soda and has just as many uses.  Kaolin clay is great for oily skin, and it can also be used on dry skin types.  It gently exfoliates and cleanses the skin.  The clay's fine consistency makes it easy to apply, so scoop some up and see how it works for you.

I hope the clay beauty way is as wonderful for you as it is for me. Cheers!

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