The Hair Take-Down

By Erma W.

You’ve rocked your weave and loved every minute of it, but now it’s time to say goodbye. If you’re a healthy-hair lover, listen up!  Removing a weave can threaten your hair’s health if it isn’t done properly.  Take your hair down by following these tips:

1.  Section, section, section:  Most aspects of hair care involve sectioning. It’s no different with weave removal.  Instead of tackling all of your hair at once, divide your hair into the sections that the rows were sewn into and work from the nape to the front of the head.  Also, be patient.  Removing a weave can be a long process.  Set aside ample time and be gentle.

2.  Get the right tools:  You’ll need your shears to cut the thread, but be careful (snip the thread, not your hair.).  Also, grab your seamless comb and some leave-in conditioner to take out the shed hair.  Then you can either braid or twist the detangled sections, or clip them out of the way.

3.  Cleanse and condition--well:  Your hair has been packed down for some time, so now it’s time for you to be heavy on the product love front.  Cleanse that scalp--well.  Condition those strands--well.  Become intimate with your hair; it missed you.

4.  Give your hair a break:  Everything needs rest, including your hair.  Do not put a new weave in as soon as you take out the old one.  Give your hair a few weeks to be free before putting in a new weave.  If you find that your hair has been damaged while it was in the weave, correct that damage before weaving it up again.

Bonus:  Put on some relaxing music or your favorite (long) movie while taking out your weave…make it fun.

Take the hair down…don’t let it take you down!

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