Natural Hair Holiday Feast

By Erma W.

The holidays are exciting because they allow us to interact with family and friends over some good food. Sometimes, the food is just as inviting as company.  The good eats make stomachs smile, but they also make the hair sing.  If you want your hair to hit those melodious high notes, read on for some holiday favorites that are also good for the hair:

1.  Collard greens:  This popular Southern favorite packs a mighty punch.  It gives life to any meal and it revitalizes the hair.  The vitamins help the hair to resist breakage, resulting in longer and stronger hair.  Packed with vitamins and minerals, collard greens are your surefire source for excellent hair.

2.  Green beans: They were never on my list of favorites when I was growing up, but they are certainly a great source of just about everything good. There's vitamin K for strength, folate for fullness in the strands, and omega fatty acids for nourishment. You just can't go wrong with green beans.

3.  Squash:  If your hair needs more protein, get some squash--ASAP.  It's great for hair that needs some "positive reinforcement."  Plus, squash smells and tastes good--eat up!

4.  Brussels Sprouts:  Brussels sprouts make me think of a child with a deep frown on his or her face.  Often times, that child was me. However, I smile when I think of the folate, magnesium, and copper that brussels sprouts contain. They even have choline, the same ingredient in breast milk. Your hair wants to stay on your head. Help the retention process by running to get some brussels sprouts.

While you're feasting this holiday season, make sure that your hair is getting fed the right way! 

I'sha GainesComment