The Makings of Me - - The Hair Edition

By Erma W.

I'm a protein that grows from the follicles of your skin,
I exist all over, but let's talk about my role on your head.
There seems to be some confusion about what I want and need.
So let me enlighten you on the makings of me, 
And maybe then you'll know how to better satisfy me.
I have three layers (namely the cuticle, cortex, and medulla).
Really and truly, these three layers are the makings of me. 
The cuticle is my outtermost layer,
It helps to keep the moisture inside of me.
That's why it's important to feed the cuticle
With lots of hair-nourishing goodies.
Keep the cuticle closed so that I'll stay soft,
It's what's best for you, and it's what's best for me.
Now let's move to the cortex,
It's the middle and thickest layer of me.
The cortex gives the hair its color,
So be sure to treat it well.
You wouldn't want to damage me,
By being too rough with the cortex and exposing it to too much heat .
Don't forget about my innermost layer called the medulla.
It's important too.
Not everyone has one,
But for those of you who do (like the coarse-haired ladies),
Treat it nice and right.
Nourish my medulla thoroughly; don't be light.
Now that you know the makings of me, 
I hope you treat me kindly, 
And give me just what I need. 


Like a boss.

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