The Coily and Curly Hair Color Query

By Erma W.

Boldness. Brightness. Blends. All of these words are just another way of saying color, and they describe what we love so much about different gradients and hues. It would be great if we could color our hair whenever, but our tresses typically scream "no." So what's the deal? How can we get the ultimate color poppage while protecting our hair? Here's the skinny:

Many of us have experienced bad color jobs. Either the tone was too dark or light, or the color did not process evenly. Whatever the case, bad color makes you want to run and re-do it. Wait, don't be so hasty. Consider when you got your hair colored. If it was less than four weeks, hold off on coloring. Generally, coloring retouches should be done every four to eight weeks. There can be exceptions due to your hair's strength. However, color is an intense process, and coily and curly strands tend to be fragile. Also, keep in mind that highly-porous hair tends to absorb color more readily than low-porosity hair.  Do color, if you like, but don't compromise your hair's integrity.

Hmmm...let's ponder that last thought:  don't compromise your hair's integrity. You may be asking yourself: how do I do that and still color my hair? Despite the fear factors in some circles about color, healthy and colored hair is not an oxymoron. In fact, the two can not only co-exist, but thrive. It's really just a matter of not slacking. You moisturize your hair when it's not colored. Moisturize it even more when it's colored. You keep your hair clean when it's not colored. Continue to keep it clean when it's colored. Just be sure to lean toward color-friendly products. Also, don't skimp on the protein treatments--your hair needs the extra strength. If you're a hot-tools lover, go easy on that. Heat appliances deplete the hair of moisture, which will have your color looking less than stellar (we can't have that!).  Keep your hair covered at night, and, most importantly, enjoy! You'll be fine.

Now, coilies and curlies, go out and pop that thang! (Your hair color, that is. :) )

I'sha GainesComment