Pumpkins and Hair Spice

By Erma W.

A sure sign of fall is big, orange pumpkins and tall cups of steaming apple cider. These familiar fall elements are also great for the hair. Let's see how pumpkins and spices help the hair stay fall fabulous:

Photo by Harbor Grace Photography

Photo by Harbor Grace Photography


1. Pumpkin Hair Mask:  Beat the dry hair blues with a naturally-nourishing pumpkin hair mask.  Pumpkins are rich in vitamins A and C, as well as potassium. These nutrients aid in scalp health and hair growth respectively. Everyone can benefit from pumpkin hair masks, but they are particularly awesome for damaged hair. If you want to boost the impact of the treatment, add some pumpkin seed oil for a mega-moisturizing effect.

2. Rosemary Leaf:  Rosemary has a strong rep for its powerful hair properties. It's a hair-growth aid, scalp-soother, and strand-strengthener. It's nearly impossible to go wrong with this natural gem. Treat your hair the right way with rosemary.

3. Sage:  Combat hair loss with sage. This natural wonder increases circulation to the scalp, thereby increasing hair growth. It also adds shine to the hair, and just who doesn't want glistening hair? Do your hair a favor and get some sage--pronto!

Fly, fabulous, fierce...yep, you've got the recipe. Now flaunt your fall hair! 

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