New Life Resolution

By Erma W.


As the year came to a close, many people were pondering or solidifying their New Year resolutions. In the New Year, I'm going to... or once the New Year hits, I will... Did you wait until the New Year to improve? Or did you start early?!

Regarding your hair, you can incorporate these things into your regimen:

1. Regularly conditioning your hair.

2. Giving constant TLC to your scalp.

3.  Pinning up and covering your hair every night.

4.  Caring for your ends, including trims as needed.

5. Using hair-friendly accessories.

6.  Maintaining a healthy hair diet (fruits, vegetables, and water).

7.  Exercise. It's great stimulation for the scalp, in addition to scalp massages.

8.  Keeping your hair balanced with protein and moisture.

9.  Protecting those edges (let them rest by keeping them tension-free).

10. Loving your hair (I promise it'll love you back.).

~Hair hugs and healthy hair wishes to you all~

I'sha GainesComment