More or Less?

By Erma W.

The transition from relaxed to natural can be difficult and confusing. Your hair may have new or additional needs, or it may no longer like or desire its former faves.  If you've been curious about how to begin navigating your natural hair journey, read on:

1. More or less cleansing:  It depends on the types and amounts of products that you use.  I'm not a fan of excess or excessive manipulation, but more cleansing may be in order if you use a lot of products--particularly those with heavy butters and oils. If your hair helpers are light in consistency and ingredients, you can cleanse less frequently and even forego traditional shampoos for cleansing conditioners that are gentler on the hair.

2. More or less conditioning: More, definitely more. Natural hair tends to get very dry, so consistent conditioning is necessary to keep brittle strands at bay. Plus, you may have to up the ante with protein conditioners if your hair is fragile.  Supplement your rinse-out conditioner with a leave-in conditioner for continuous moisture throughout the week.

3. More or less combing:  If you straighten your hair frequently, more combing. If you primarily rock your hair's natural texture, less combing.  Also, the definition of "combing" has broadened to include finger-combing.  The use of fingers to comb the hair is popular because it is more gentle on the hair than traditional combs. That means more hair on your head and less hair on the floor...yay!

4. More or less water:  More. The thirst is real - - for your hair, that is. All hair needs hydration, but natural hair needs maximum moisture to thrive. Don't skimp on the conditioners and quench your body's thirst with lots of H2O.

5. More or less protective styles: More--protect that hair.  You must get and keep those ends in order for your hair to flourish. Protective styles don't have to be boring, either. There's no end to chic styles that complement every style and personality. Go forward in protective glam.

More is more, and less is less.
Here's hoping these tips
Help your hair be its best!

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