Hair Sweeties

By Erma W.

One of my favorite treats is a thick and firm Snickers bar.  I love the way that creamy caramel caresses my tongue.  Many of the sweets that we devour are also delightfully nourishing to our hair.  Here are some natural sweets that are as hair-healthy as they are tasty:

1.  Honey:  Honey, with its sweet stickiness, is so multi-faceted.  It's my personal go-to for facials and sore throats, but it's also awesome for hair. Conditioning with honey nourishes tresses and adds pop to hair color.  Plus, the smell makes me smile.  Try it.

2.  Bananas:  Potassium-rich bananas often serve as the culinary centerpieces for breads and puddings, but they are also a powerhouse agent for hair.  The nutrients in this soft, yellow fruit aid in strengthening hair, minimizing breakage, and restoring the hair's elasticity.  Mash some bananas in a bowl and add it to your hair.  It's natural love at its best.

3.  Coconut Milk:  I love eating shrimp nestled in coconut milk.  The savory creaminess of the coconut milk accents the entire dish.  Coconut milk has a similarly-overwhelming effect on the hair.  It aids in adding shine and smoothness. Give dryness the boot and say hello to silky hair.  Lushness is always a must.

Enjoy the hair sweeties!

I'sha GainesComment