The Consistency Factor

By Erma W.

For natural hair newbies, one of the most pressing questions is what products to use.  This is an understandable query, but a more pertinent issue involves the consistency of hair products.  In many instances, people cite product consistency as a reason that products didn't or don't work for them.  If you want to avoid (or exit) the "it's too thick" or "it's too thin" conundrum, keep reading:


Thick and creamy:  To picture these types of products in your mind, think about the way one tub of ice cream looks and feels after it has sat for two or three minutes:  buttery and smooth.  They sit firmly on the hands and cover your palms without running.  Products with a thick and creamy consistency are widely favored by naturals with coarse and thick hair because they typically sink into the hair strands and provide long-lasting moisture.  Thick and creamy products are great for the ends of the hair.

Thin and watery:  Products that fit this description are similar to Ices or slushies when they first begin to melt.  They only have a tiny amount of weight, and they are rather runny.  It is easy for them to fall from your hands.  Thin- and fine-haired naturals typically garner the best results from these sort of products because they moisturize the hair without weighing it down, which aids in getting that bounce.  It's helpful to scrunch thin and watery products into the hair to avoid soaked-feeling hair.

Products with a mid-range consistency (not too thin or thick) are a great starting point for new naturals.  Most likely, they will keep your hair from being under- or over-moisturized.  Whichever type you choose, be sure to let us know how it works for you!



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