Battle for the Edges

By Erma W.

Sadly (quite sadly for the heat-lover in me), summer is quickly departing.  That means that most likely, our edges will be putting in extra work with updos and other protective styles.  Here are some tips to keep them sleek and chic (and present!) during the colder months:


1.  Keep your edges lubricated:  Your edges get dry just like the rest of your hair, and where there is dryness, there will surely be breakage.  Keep your edges moist and lubricated with your favorite moisturizer and/or oil.  Nourishment will always be the foundation for hair health.

2.  Be gentle with your edges:  Don't pull them for dear life!  Remember, a protective style isn't "protective" if it takes out your hair.  One of the main purposes of a protective style is to gain length, not lose it.  

3.  Keep those edges sleek and chic:  Pulled-back edges accentuate many hairstyles.  However, natural hair is not fond of lying down unassisted.  Give your edges some stationary help with gel or pomade.  Just a dab will do you!

The battle of the edges can and will be won by you!  Go forward in edge power!

I'sha GainesComment