Infusion Fusion

By Erma W.

Ingredients are a very important part of the hair equation.  They are essential in making our hair look and feel good.  We all have our favorite ingredients, some of which are also popular hair infusion selections.  Here are some of the best herbal infusion hair nourishers:

1.  Nettle:  Nettle is popular in hair infusions because it promotes hair growth, but that is just one of its many beneficial properties.  It also helps to correct dandruff and dry scalp, which means that it’s great to have on hand during those harsh winter months.  Additionally, nettle is rich in iron, which helps to increase circulation to the scalp.  Pick up some nettle and start infusing (that is, if you don’t start drinking it first. I love nettle tea.).

2.  Comfrey Root:  Comfrey root is beloved because it is packed with minerals, antioxidants, and Vitamin A.  It is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps to combat dryness.  Comfrey root is an excellent choice in hair infusions because it promotes shiny tresses (and just who doesn’t love shiny hair?).  Grab some comfrey root and get healthy! 

3.  Horsetail:  The hugely-popular horsetail extract is a consistent hair-growth deliverer.  It stimulates blood vessels that supply oxygen to hair follicles.  It creates a strong growth foundation by nurturing the scalp and fortifying the hair against breakage.  If your hair is in need of repair, expand and explore your hair-boosting options with horsetail!

Of course, these are just a few of several herbs that are available for infusions.  Whichever herbs you pick, be sure to do your own research (as some herbs are not recommended for use with certain health conditions) and have fun!

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