Summer Fruit Hair Helpers

By Erma W.

Summer is all about the sexy!  Sexy body, sexy skin, and sexy hair!  What we put into our bodies determines what it gives back to us. Super summer fruits are great health aids that also help us to stay naturally beautiful.  Here are some great fruit friends to consider:

1.  Honeydew Melons:  These 60-calorie per serving delights pack a major health punch.  They contain beneficial dietary fiber and are full of potassium, which helps to prevent hair loss.  Potassium is a must for anyone with a high-salt diet because it helps the hair to absorb vital nutrients that are often depleted by sodium.  Eat up and smile!

2.  Strawberries:  One of my personal favorites, strawberries' sweet juiciness is equal to its ability to impart luster onto the hair.  The nutrient- and antioxidant-rich fruit is sure to keep your hair shiny so that it can glisten in the sun.  Sport your lustrous locks proudly, thanks to strawberries.


3.  Mangoes:  Tasty, tantalizing, and terrific doesn't even begin to describe the greatness of mangoes.  This widely-eaten fruit is just as popular on the hair front.  The high Vitamin A content of mangoes is great at fighting dandruff and the Vitamin E improves scalp circulation.  While you're eating, your hair will be getting fed too.

Here's hoping you're having a delightfully, fruit-filled summer! 

I'sha GainesComment