How to Infuse the Moisture via Deep-Conditioning without Heat

By Erma W.

Our tresses go through so much stress in the summer, mainly due to intense dryness from the sun. Once all the moisture has departed, we must put it back (and try really hard to keep it there as long as possible).  The issue is that it's hot--really hot.  Yes, our hair needs the moisture, but I also need to not have to change my clothes because of the heat from my bonnet dryer (I sweat enough as it is).  If you want to keep your hair moisturized without sitting under a steamer or dryer, consider these deep-conditioning alternatives:

1. DC during exercise:  Hey, we gotta keep it tight and together.  Why not do that while DCing? A heart-pumping run or some muscle-building weight-lifting are some great ways to burn time while deep-conditioning.  Keep in mind that exercise doesn't have to be limited to the outdoors.  Sex is a great calorie-burning activity too.  Slap on some condish and a cute bonnet, and then proceed to get busy. (Oh, yeah...and your hair will get moisturized too.)

2.  DC while doing errands:  Food to be bought, dry cleaning to be picked up...there's always something to do.  Do it in style while deep-conditioning.  Don a hat and hit the road.  

3.  DC while doing chores:  Fold that laundry, cook those meals, and wash those dishes while your hair relishes in moisture-filled goodness.  The time will fly by, those to-dos will be done, and your hair will be uber-soft.  Triple win!

Choose any or all of these ways to DC your hair instead of sitting under a dryer or steamer.  Who knows? You may have just found your new way of DCing.

I'sha GainesComment