The Smell-Good Factor

By Erma W.

Let's do a product checklist.

Moisturizes hair:  check!

Strengthens hair:  check!

Protects hair:  check!

Promotes growth:  check!

Adds sheen:  check!

Detangles:  check!

Unpleasant scent:  no-go!

How many times have we encountered this?  A product has all the things we want, but it doesn't smell good.  For some of us, scent is everything.  If a product works perfectly but smells like poop, it's a no-go.  We can make it a go-go, though.  Here are some fun scent suggestions to jazz up your hair's besties:  

1.  Foodie love:  One of the best things about cooking is the delectable aroma that fills the home.  It delights the senses and ignites memories of familiar pleasantries.  Among my favorite food scents are sugar cookies, cinnamon spice, and pumpkin pie (although I don't eat the latter).  If you are a foodie-scent lover, check out some of my faves or take a whiff of some popular fragrances like banana pudding, key lime pie, and/or vanilla bean and see how your nose responds.

2.  Fruity love:  Fruits are foods, of course, but fruity scents deserve their own category due to their popularity.  Mango makes me feel like partying, pear is relaxing, and lemon evokes a tantalizing zest.  For anyone who prefers a light touch, check out apple or peach.  Just be prepared for all the "you smell good" compliments.

3.  Floral fiesta:  Giving flowers is a great expression of love.  Why not give some of that love to your hair with some flower power scents?  From rose to gardenia to jasmine to petunia (to name just a few), there's a scent for everyone who wants the smell-good flower effect.

Bonus:  Unscented.  You may be scratching your head at this one, but sometimes the best scent is none at all.  Sensitive-nose crew, enjoy!

I'sha GainesComment