Chalk It Up!

By Erma W.

Hair coloring is popular because it's exciting and daring.  Its pop factor is limitless, and you can instantly turn your look from blah to BAM!  We know about getting sizzling-hot color from semi-permanent and permanent dyes and rinses, but hair chalks can also be used to bring on the glam.  Here's the hair chalk low-down:

Hair chalks are temporary hair colors that highlight the hair.  They are great for divas who are looking for a quick and non-permanent change. The product is true to its name:  it really is chalk.  Therefore, protective covering is necessary before you begin the application process.  Cover your clothing, furniture, bedding, and anything that you don't want to be stained.

You can apply the hair chalks in a few ways.  The most popular way is to rub the chalk onto your wet (but not soaking wet) hair, from the top to the bottom of your hair.  Other ways of adding the chalk to the hair include dissolving the chalk in water and adding it to the hair via a spray bottle,

or with a coloring comb or brush.  Naturalistas have garnered positive results by adding a cream to the hair and sealing with a light oil (like coconut oil).  Then they have added another oil (like castor oil) as a base before putting on the hair chalk.  The final result may vary based on an individual's hair color, but most people have achieved positive results.

To ensure that the hair chalk maintains its staying power, make sure that you dry your hair after applying the chalk. You may use a blow dryer, but skip the towel.  Rubbing your hair with a towel will take the color from your hair.  Also, don't brush your hair vigorously immediately after chalking; let the color set first.  Some hair-chalk users break out the flat or curling iron for longer-lasting color.

Typically, the color lasts at least two days.  That may seem like a short time, but it's long enough to discern if you'd like to have color on a long-term basis.  Hair chalks seem so worry-free that I might even give them a whirl!

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