All About Those Bangs

By Erma W.

When we think of adding some "pop" to our hair, we usually go for external flair (headbands, hair clips, etc.). What about letting the hair accent itself with some bangin' bangs? Here are some hot options: 

1.  Blunt Bangs:  Are you looking for some modern spice? Try out some solid, blunt bangs.  It's a sophisticated look that works in the office and the club.

2.  Wavy Fringe:  Bangs don't always have to be straight.  Ride the waves with an awesome wavy fringe.  Whether your hair is up, down, or half-and-half, a feisty bang is always the perfect touch.


3.  The Swoop:  If you want to camouflage your wide forehead, swoop it up.  It's a great bang option for oval faces, and they are typically paired with updos.  The off-center may be right on target for you.

Here's to hot hair--bang style! 

I'sha GainesComment