What to do when...?

By Erma W.

It seems that we are always striving to stay on top of our hair game:  cleanse, condition, moisturize, seal, pre-poo, post-poo, wrap it up, protective style, keep it in sections, maximize retention, keep split ends at bay, oil rinse, etc.  It can really be a lot.  In fact, it can be so much that we sometimes fall off the hair wagon.  No worries.  Whenever we fall down, we can always get back up again. Here's how:  

1.  What to do when...you've neglected to consistently moisturize your hair:  We've all been here before.  An extra-grueling week at work, loads of papers and readings to complete for class, errands galore to run, etc.  Basically, life has stacked itself to the ceiling, and your hair has nary a space to fit.  It happens.  Get back on track by slathering on a moisturizer while dinner warms up or doing a DC or co-wash while the laundry spins.

2.  What to do when...you didn't pin up your hair last night:  You had a late night and fell into bed.  Your makeup stayed on, and your hair went uncovered.  What do you do? Clean that face (scrub thoroughly yet gently) and tuck away your hair. If you don't feel like feel like being bothered with styling, throw on a headwrap or wig. Before you head out the door, don't forget to don the best accessory of all: a smile.

3.  What to do when...your hair regimen is no longer hair-friendly:  You know this scenario.  Your fave products aren't being so loving anymore.  You've clarified, but it's still a no-go.  Maybe the product ingredients have changed.  Maybe your hair has different needs.  Whatever the case, your tresses are telling you that it's time for a change.  Assess what changes you have to make on a gradual basis.  Start with one product and/or ingredient switch and go from there.  The most important thing is to not be in denial.  When something isn't working, it just isn't working.

I hope you're better able to navigate the ebbs and flows of your hair journey.


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