Earth-Friendly Hair Fix

By Erma W.

The Earth and our hair have a lot in common. Both need to be nurtured and preserved in order to thrive. Since we recently celebrated Earth Day, I found it most fitting to highlight some Earth-friendly hair fixes.

1. Water:  The Earth's primary hydrator is water.  It enriches the soil and helps plants to grow. Water's role in our hair's health is just as beneficial. The aqueous solution moisturizes our strands and "waters" our scalps to create a fertile environment from root to tip.

2. Essential Oils: Nestled in the beautiful plants of nature are essential oils. These oils capture the essence of a plant's fragrance, and they help our hair to reach its fullest potential. Follicle-booster, itch remover, and dry-scalp reliever are just some of the roles EOs adopt while helping our hair to thrive. They're relaxing too! Take a whiff of some lavender, peppermint or your favorite essential oil before applying it to your hair, and let calmness envelop your senses.

3. Fruits and Vegetables: The rainbow of fruits and vegetables that grow from the earth sustain our bodies from wear and tear and fortify our tresses against damage. Many of us just eat 'em, but these earthly goodies can amplify tress health when applied topically too. Mash up some fun foods like avocados or bananas and watch your hair glow.

From the Earth we can get hair treats,
I hope you and your day remain extra sweet!

I'sha GainesComment