The Mommy Recharge Package

By Erma W.

Nurturer. Provider. Protector. Tear-wiper. Advisor. Problem-solver. Soul-strengthener.  There will never be enough words to describe the numerous roles of mothers, nor will there ever be enough ways to say thank you.  However, we can shower our moms with gifts from nature to show our appreciation. In addition to checking out our Mommie & Me Gift Guide, here are some suggestions for a Mommy-recharge package:

1.  Oils and butters:  We all love these natural delights because they nourish our hair and skin, and they help us to relax.  There are several ways to enjoy these treats. A full-body butter rub, an essential oil scalp treatment, a pre-poo treatment with carrier oils, and an aromatherapy session are just some examples.  Whichever you choose, just prepare to relish in mental ecstasy.

2.  Fruits:  From the earth, the fruits of nature fill us with necessary nutrients while seducing our tongues with its sweetness. Indulge in some fruit-filled unwinding with a delicious blend of berries, cherries, and your favorite turn-up liquid (add some lemons or limes for zing). Make a facial mask with bananas (plus a squeeze of honey for extra softness).  No matter the method of use, fruits are feel-good natural friends that will definitely please.

3.  Flowers:  For some of us, the ultimate recharge involves a deep, tongue-dancing lip-lock.  If we retrace the steps to that scenario, we'll see that it often involves flowers.  Those petal-laden florals take us to new highs with their vibrant colors and enticing aromas.  They replace the need for words by speaking to the heart with their physical beauty.  Bubbly tulips, sensual roses, flirty peonies, romantic calla lilies, friendly daisies...they all sing the language of love.

Nature's garden bears fruit, and a mother's heart gives love.  Those are the key ingredients for relaxation.

~Relax, relate, release! (channeling my Whitley Gilbert)~

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