Building a Love for Haircare

By Erma W.

How do you develop good haircare habits?  Like everything else, it takes time and consistent practice. The same formula used to foster positive hair-grooming behaviors within yourself can also be applied to children. Here are some ways to instill the love of haircare into your kids:

1.  Follow a healthy hair routine: You are your children's role model. They learn by watching you. Display good hair habits by keeping your hair regularly cleansed and conditioned. Your routine will make the haircare process more inviting to your children and encourage them to take good care of their hair.

2.  Watch your words: Children are like sponges. They literally soak up everything. Keep this in mind during those moments of hair frustration. Little ears are always listening, so make sure that the words they hear are kind and uplifting.

3.  Invite the kiddos to participate in their hair regimens: Routines can feel forced at times; that's no fun!  Make it interesting by allowing the kids to have a say in their regimens. Take them to the store when you are purchasing products. Let them feel and smell the items. Explain the benefits of the products (provides softness and strength to hair, etc.). Have them pick their hair tools and accessories. You can even buy a container for their supplies and do a Mommy-and-me DIY design project for it. If you make the haircare process exciting and keep your children involved, they will be more inclined to love and maintain their hair.

4. Create a hair album: Kids love pictures. Use that fondness to foster some hair love. Take photos of the kids with their favorite hairstyles. Track their hair's progress through an online photo album. Allow them to really observe the awesomeness of their strands. It's nice to gather inspiration from hair twins, but it is overwhelmingly excellent to fall in love with your own hair through photos. There's nothing like it!

Hair is one of many aspects that connect Mommies with their precious little ones; why can't it also be used to spread love?

~Sending loads of hair kisses to you and your love bugs!~

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