Curl Power

By Erma W.

Spring has sprung, which means curl poppage is a top order.  We have often talked about how to make your curls their best, but the rising temps make the glam curl convo this season's hot topic.  Here's a curl-boosting refresher:

1.  Give build-up the boot:  Weighed-down curls will never be their best.  Make sure your curls always have the ultimate shake-and-go flow by keeping them cleansed and free of build-up.  Motions and Design Essentials are two lines that boast curl cleansers.

2.  Moisture, Moisture, Moisture:  Don't let dryness enter your curl zone!  Keep your curls beautifully bouncy by infusing them with moisture.   Deep conditioning and steam treatments are major must-haves in the warmer weather.  Rub in some leave-in conditioner for additional hydration.  Some naturally-friendly moisturizers are available in the Jane Carter and Curl Junkie brands.

3.  Pineapple 'em: If you want your curls to have some staying power, get down with the pineapple method.  Grab a scrunchie, gather your hair, and secure your curls into a ponytail.  Your curls will rest well at night, and so will you.

Now that you've got your 1, 2, 3 solution for awesome curls, flaunt them all season long! 

I'sha GainesComment