The Bangin' Roller Set Effect

By Erma W.

Roller sets are often a source of frustration for many naturalistas because the style isn’t always uniform throughout the hair.  Many times, the roller sets come out fuzzy because they did not completely dry, or the products used did not produce the best results for them.  Before you roll on out screaming “boo,” consider these tips:  

1.  Prep, prep, prep:  The first step to an awesome roller set is the prep work.  How you proceed before placing a roller onto your hair determines the finish you will have.  Most importantly, be sure to allot a fair amount of time for the best results.

2.  Cleanse and condition:  Removing all build-up is essential for a bouncy roller set, so be sure to cleanse your hair thoroughly (use a clarifying shampoo if necessary and follow up with a moisturizing shampoo.).  Don’t skimp on the conditioner, either.  Slather your hair with a deep moisturizing conditioner, but rinse well.  Leaving conditioner in could result in weighed-down hair.

3.  Detangle and set:  Ensure that your hair is tangle-free by applying your favorite leave-in conditioner and a setting lotion diluted with water.  Lottabody is a longtime favorite.  (Too much setting lotion can make your hair hard, so monitor your mixture.) Next, use hair clips to pin your hair into sections for rolling.  You may use any rolling method that you like.  The mohawk method is extremely popular.  Put your hair in three clips (one down the middle and one on each side).  Mesh rollers are best because they allow the hair to dry faster. Put a dab of oil on your fingertips and apply it to the ends of your hair. From the ends, begin rolling your hair towards your scalp.  Make sure that your ends lay flat against the roller for smoothness. Get hair pins (not bobby pins) and place them through the rollers for tautness.

4.  Dry and style:  Sit under a hard hat hooded dryer (Pibbs 512 or Pibbs 514) or a soft bonnet dryer (Gold n’ Hot Ionic Dryer) for 45-60 minutes. The drying time will vary based on the dryer used (expect a shorter waiting time for the Pibbs). No matter how long it takes, do not get up until your hair is completely dry.  You want a roller set, not a frizz set.  For straight roots, try a silk wrap.  Put a tiny bit of oil or serum on your hands and add it to your hair.  Comb your curls with a wide-tooth comb. Take a dab of serum and concentrate it toward your roots. Next, wrap your hair around your head and secure it with duckbill clips.  Apply several wrappings of saran wrap to your hair (make it snug!). Sit back under the dryer for 15-20 minutes (or five to 10 minutes if you begin to sweat).

Finally, gently comb down the wrap and ENJOY your smooth and silky hair swag!

Blog source:  Long Healthy Hair Advisor

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